Exmouth House

London, United Kingdom



Main Contractor
Kind & Co.

Electrical Contractor
Cogent Electrical Service

Morley von Sternberg

Strategy + Branding

Exmouth House demonstrates the value that an integrated approach to lighting can bring to a re-purposed building. The project, sited in Clerkenwell, saw a former factory transformed into a sophisticated studio and office space, with a dramatic atrium at its heart.

In collaboration with architects ORMS, The Workspace Group asked us to consider where lighting could add the most impact in a relatively low cost intervention, with a focus on the entrance and atrium.

Through a unique combination of colours and techniques, we used light to contribute to a strong creative identity for the space and to support wayfinding for an improved visitor experience, day and night.

The entrance is marked with a highly saturated blue light that creates a strong contrast with the adjacent sodium street lighting and the warm brick construction.

On entering the building, occupants have the sense of being completely immersed in blue light. Red neon way-finding graphics indicate the route through to the reception area where ORMS proposed an intense yellow finish, creating a strong focal point.

Blue light at ground level surrounding the central atrium space sets off the diaphanous quality of cool white permeable fabric panels that stretch up the full height of the space. After dark, we directed artificial light upward along these vertical elements, providing perspective and creating deliberate dramatic tension between solidity and transparency.

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