London, United Kingdom


In collaboration with
King’s Cross Central Partnership


Award of Merit, IES Awards, 2016

Strategy + Branding

HALFLIFE: An exponential light installation for the Pedestrian Tunnel under 1 St Pancras Square, King's Cross.

From March to the end of May 2015 pedestrians using the King’s Cross tunnel were greeted by HALFLIFE - our immersive, durational light installation.

Delivered in association with the King’s Cross Central Partnership, HALFLIFE was a site-specific work that synthesized a digital journey through light and colour. As an experiential and dynamic adjunct to the moving traffic that inhabits the space, HALFLIFE was designed to be an evolutionary experience where no two moments are ever the same.

The installation was conceived around British physicist Ernest Rutherford’s principal of decay, ‘Half-life (t1⁄2)’, expressing ideas of growth and deterioration through digital ordered cycles with shifting intensities in light and colour.

Through intricate programming of each of the 180 individual light sources concealed within the light wall, the sequences were developed so that the narrative of the piece would grow organically.

Whilst the juxtapositions of light and dark, order and chaos, past and present, peaceful and energetic were possible to observe in one viewing, the gradual evolution of hue and saturation were only recognisable across the piece’s entire duration, allowing the visitor to have a new experience on each journey and even each footstep.

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