Hedonism Wines

London, United Kingdom


Interior Designers
Universal Design Studio

Project & Construction Management
Fraser Randall

Feature Pendant Manufacturer
Jonathan Coles Lighting Design Ltd

James Newton


Gold, Illumni Infinity Awards, 2013

Highly Commended, Small Retail, Lighting Design Awards, 2013
Leisure and Retail

Strategy + Branding

A unique concept in fine wine retailing, Hedonism Wines in Mayfair is a key destination for wine enthusiasts and collectors from across the globe.

When we were approached to develop the lighting design, we wanted the lighting to reflect this unique character, becoming a key element in creating character and identity for the store both by day and after dark.

With it’s corner location and fully glazed frontage, we explored the possibilities for using light to make a strong impact and engage the curiosity of passers by, ultimately conceiving of a unique animated effect we termed "Living Light".

Using themed video content projected in the store at night, the movement and content is specifically designed to catch the eye. The content can be adapted for seasons or events and so it also offers the possibility to refresh the after dark identity.

Inside, we enhanced the striking interiors designed by Universal Design Studio and used different lighting techniques and products to bring out the best in the merchandise.

On the ground floor, glass pendant luminaires, reminiscent of champagne bubbles, provide general ambience and draw the eye. Carefully integrated accent and perimeter lighting is designed to focus attention on the displays. The cellar-like ground floor is home to the red wines, which we highlighted with concentrated light from low hung copper pendants.

To mark out the central staircase connecting the two floors we created a dazzling illuminated sculptural form. This bespoke piece features individually lit wine glasses, upended and mounted at varying heights in an undulating design.

The LED and fibre-optic technologies used enable the maintenance of the required optimum ambient temperature of precisely 16°C on lower ground floor and 17°C ground floor, preserving the quality of the merchandise.

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