Light Night Canning Town 2013

London, United Kingdom


The Brick Box

Strategy + Branding

The Light Night is an annual festival of light, community and energy which includes a programme of interventions, installations and events from various artists, designers and local community groups, curated by The Brick Box. We were invited to participate in the inaugural Light Night in 2013, with our interactive installation located directly underneath the A13 flyover.

Titled Light Echoes, the installation played with the phenomenon of ripples of reflected light often found on the underside of bridges.

Light was projected through water, which when agitated in a series of drums created a pulsating, nebulous blaze of pattern and shadow-play under the bridge. Light and sound became synchronised through interaction with these ‘light wave drums’. People were encouraged to play with the installation and submerge themselves in a virtual river of sound and light.

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