Lights over Kruunuvuorenranta

Helsinki, Finland


Strategy + Branding

Kruunuvuorenranta is a new seaside district being developed on the site of a former oil port. In response to a competition to commission an artistic lighting scheme for development, we collaborated with West 8 to create 'Luonnon Lyhdyt’ (Nature’s Lanterns). Our creation is a natural, people-centred design that would also be attractive to those viewing the district from Helsinki.

The concept harmonises many aspects of light and urbanism. It considers the site context, the seasonal changes in the quality and quantity of natural light, the influence of the surrounding vegetation, the contrast inherent in the rough and fine materials found in the area, as well as social engagement – a fundamental ambition of creating a new housing project in Helsinki.

The solution is both sustainable and harmonious, as it consciously limits the amount of light by making use of water reflection, protecting the night sky for stargazing. We also put huge emphasis on the importance of light becoming a focus of the community, developing unique and engaging ideas for lighting that are directly connected to everyday lives of the residents.

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