V&A Crown Commission Competition Concept

London, United Kingdom

Light Art

Strategy + Branding

Speirs + Major created this commission proposal for the Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum. The concept, designed for the building’s main cupola, was to be part of the V&A’s wider commitment to new media and digital art.

The curators envisaged a piece that would act as a beacon for the museum, highlighting the architecture, and creating an un-missable public event. Our proposal was to design an interactive, spherical helix of light that inhabits the main cupola of the building and is clearly visible from the street. Conceptually, this luminous sphere is linked to a long line of light on the street outside, which detects the presence of pedestrians and transmits the data back up to the sphere to influence its appearance.

In this way, the orb of light in the cupola becomes a three-dimensional representation of the pattern and intensity of traffic on the street, inviting passers by to interact with and influence the architecture of the V&A.

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